Books about emotions for kidsHere’s what some of our lovely readers are saying about our books…

Blogger feedback

But Why Mummy Why?

“I love the imagination packed into the books, the overall concept and the fact that they are beautifully written.”

“I think that they are a wonderful resource and with more books in the series that focus on various topics, such as starting school and bullying, it will help lots of parents and children. I know that I will be talking to Noo about her feelings and using the feelings characters that we have got to know.”

Minisaurus (Annie & Kitty)

“We like the imaginative aspect to the book, and how by representing the feelings with little furry things it’s easily identifiable for children.”

Mellow Mummy (Emma & Lara) 

“Lara listened intently when I read it to her – I think she could just tell that the story was a little more than just a normal bedtime story.

The thing which really stood out to me about this book was the level of confidence that Amy has in knowing that she has somewhere to turn when she is feeling a bit unsure.  It has made me think about whether there is anything similar I can do for my own girls.”

READ IT DADDY (Phil and Charlotte)

“It’s an admirable idea and very nicely executed…..The great thing about exploring feelings through these books is that the stories lead to more discussion with your child, and plenty of scope for activities or ideas explored in the book to expand into different ways of helping your child broach difficult subjects themselves.”

Amazon Feedback

Books about emotions for children“Bought all of these for my 7 yr old daughter who is having some difficulty dealing with her emotions and feelings and understanding them and what to do with them. Was not disappointed at all – she was immediately interested in reading them and it prompted lots of conversation about feelings etc. The stories were relevant and interesting enough to keep her attention – she loved them. So much so that she wanted us to make a feelings bag, which we did, and she then drew her feelings and named them and keeps them in the bag. She talks to them when she needs to and uses them to cope with her feelings when they get out of control. Would recommend wholeheartedly.”

“I loved the first book in the series so much that I ordered the following two straightaway. They didn’t disappoint, with the same beautifully written style and lovely, engaging stories; these books enabled me to tackle often upsetting and confusing emotions with my daughter in a positive, and enjoyable, way.”

“My son and daughter both loved this book. Magical and helpful. Well written and very accessible. They both want to know what Amy will be doing next and which feelings she will be meeting along the way.”

“This series of books is fantastic! My daughter (Aged 8) read them every night when she first received them and asked for more for Christmas…hurry up Debbie K! I cannot recommend these highly enough for anyone that knows a child who maybe finds it hard to express their emotions or needs help in building up their confidence. The illustrations are beautiful and the narrative is very engaging. A wonderful concept that has really helped our little girl. Our copies are quite dog eared now which I think is testament itself to how well liked they are!”

“What a lovely idea, the grandchildren sat and listened in amazement throughout the story, they keep asking me to read it again.”

School Feedback

Books about emotions for kids“Lovely books. We have purchased the full set for our pre schoolers. It’s really clear and explains the emotions range in a way the children really understand. They love the idea that they are friends they can talk to and that they can help them out.”

“The children responded really positively to the stories, it helped them think about their own feelings and how they are an important part of who they are as people.  Thank you!”

“The children were really keen to hear the story and were transfixed throughout.  An engaging resource for the children to use to support exploring their own feelings.”

“Interesting and engaging stories which enable the children to talk about their feelings in a safe and non-judgemental way.  The characters really bring the stories to life.”


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