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 familyParents – on the website you’ll find lots of resources supporting The Feelings Basket book series.  The books are predominantly for ages 5 – 8, to support parents, teachers and children as they face challenges such as dealing with the arrival of a sibling, starting school, facing up to bullying and many more.  The books encourage children to explore early life events and the feelings associated with them in a fun, entertaining and educational way.

If you’re looking for tips and advice on helping children through challenging situations, Debbie provides lots of information on her Family Coaching site Emotions in Motion.

Kids– are you feeling curious?  If so, go ahead and have a look at our kids pages – there’s lots of fun things to do.

Also on the website you can find out more about the author Debbie K.  Catch up on our latest news and of course order books too.

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Latest News

Book tour

Here at Basket HQ we were a bit concerned that we’ll get too lonely just before Christmas so… we’re off on a book tour.  We’ll be staying fairly local for the end of this year but plan to move further afield in the New Year as news of The Feelings Basket spreads.  If you know […]

Starting school – Sandhurst Library

We’d like to send a big thank you to Sandhurst Library and all of the children who came along to the reading of Starting School – Confident Leads the Way on Monday.  We hope all those who started school this week had a brilliant first day.  Thank you for doing some lovely drawings too, you […]

Book Reading at Sandhurst Library

We’re looking forward to our visit to Sandhurst Library on Monday 1st September for a book reading and activity.  If any of our Feelings Basket friends are free, come and join us, we’d love to see you. The reading of Starting School – Confident Leads the Way will start at 9.30 am at Sandhurst Library […]