Here are a selection of letters/emails we’ve received from our readers…

Dear Debbie K,confident

I am starting a new school in September and I was very scared but I read your book and I don’t feel scared any more.  Me and Mummy have learned to walk like a soldier.  Like Confident does.  I write down all of my questions or things that make me scared and Mummy helps me to answer them.  I already know one person at my new school and she is nice.

From Rebekah


Dear Debbie K, page3

Thank you for writing your stories. I’ve just read the green book with my Daddy and it helped me to know what I can do now that my Daddy does not live with us any more. Daddy said the book helped him too. Daddy helped me make a catapult just like Finn’s. We don’t have popcorn but we used bits of paper instead.

Lots of love,


A lovely, insightful letter written by Tallulah (age 10)

Letter from Tallulah - small


Dear Debbie K, Brave

Thank you for sending us a copy of “The Magic Basket” and “Brave Beats the Bullies” to review.  Myself and my son Harry, loved reading the stories.  Harry loves Brave and we have spent time today making a sword and shield and thinking of situations where it will help him to be brave.  We’ve really enjoyed sharing these stories together and look forward to reading more – thank you!

Pauline, Berkshire.


Dear Amy,Sad

I’ve just read your magic basket story with my mummy.  I love it and your basket.  I’m glad you don’t feel sad any more.  When I feel sad and I like to cuddle my mummy to make me feel better.

Love from Libby x