Friends of the Feelings Basket

Keep Calm and Blog!

Keep Calm and Blog!

Here at Feelings Basket HQ we’ve made some new friends and wanted to tell you all about them.


This is a Daddy (Phil) and daughter (Charlotte) team who write a book and media blog for parents and kids. They work very hard to provide a huge amount of reviews each week.

Check out all their reviews at:

Mellow Mummy

Emma Button approaches motherhood in a mellow, positive way.  She is mum to Lara and Holly and writes a great blog on various aspects of motherhood including Recipes, Competitions & Discounts and New Products (including books and toys).

Check out Emma’s website:


Annie is the award winning blogger behind Mamasaurus, a blog about life as a parent living in the beautiful New Forest.  She created Minisaurus to create a more child orientated blog, about her children and the things they enjoy.

Check out and

But Why Mummy Why?

Morgana is a wife and mummy who loves my blog about our family life, fashion, food and everything in between!  She is mum to Noo and Miss E and has a love of coffee and Maltesers (so we knew she’d be a friend of ours!)

Learn more about Morgana and her girls at But Why Mummy Why?