Hi Kids!

Welcome to your special pages –  just for you and your feelings.

What do you feel like doing today?

Visit our Feelings Fun Page, to do a word search and find some of your favourite characters in the book.  You could also do some colouring in?  Once you’ve finished it, ask mum or dad to scan in and send it back to us to put on our gallery.

Maybe you want to draw a picture of your own, we’ll be happy to add it to our website if you send it to us.  See what some other feelings fans have done – in our gallery.

Or maybe you’d like to write Amy, Finn or any of the feelings a letter or email.  You can send your emails to or you can send letters to: P.O. Box 4227,Bracknell. RG42 9PW.    See what other letters and emails we’ve had.


We love getting letters!