Meet the Characters

Amy and her feelings would like you to know a little more about them.  New feelings are always being added to this list, so come and visit us often to read about your favourite characters.


Amy Thorpe

Amy is 7 year old (nearly 8). She has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Here favourite colour is purple and her favourite clothes are jeans and her purple spotty t-shirt.

She likes to ride on her bike, play ball and spend time with Thomas her teddy bear.

Amy’s favourite food is pizza followed by chocolate ice cream.

Her best friend is called Finn and he lives next door to her.  Amy and Finn have a secret den at the bottom of the garden where they hide toys and sweets.

bear re-done

Thomas (The Teddy)

Thomas is Amy’s favourite toy.  She had him for her first birthday and he has spent most days with her since then.

Thomas likes to sit with Amy on the bed but sometimes he follows her around the house if she forgets him.

He’s really glad that Amy has a Feelings Basket as he gets worried when Amy doesn’t understand her feelings and he doesn’t know how to help her.



Finn is 7 years old and he lives next door to Amy.  He can’t decide if it favourite colour is blue or green.  He likes them both.  His favourite dinner is burger and chips but he likes pizza too.

Finn likes riding his bike, playing football and anything to do with outer space.  He wants to ride in a space rocket one day.  He also likes playing with his little sister and their dog Frank.

He loves playing out with Amy and he’s really pleased that he’s faster on his bike than her.



Curious is a very helpful feeling.  He likes to find things out.  When he’s in the Feelings Basket he spends a lot of time in the corner reading books to help him learn.  He asks a lot of questions so he can find out even more.

Curious is yellow and fluffy and wears big round glasses.  He has to hold onto his glasses all the time as they are quite big and have a habit of falling off, especially when he gets excited about something.


Sad is often considered a bad emotion, one we don’t want around. Sad has a very important job in letting us know things we need to take notice of or change. So instead of being brought out of our sadness immediately, sometimes we need to spend some time with it, to understand why we feel this way, what we need to learn from it and how we can change things for the better in the future.

Sad is white and feels like a fluffy cloud, he like to sit quietly in corners just thinking and being quiet.


Confident is especially helpful when we want to do something new. For example if we want to learn a new task or meet new people it helps us to feel confident when we do it. Confident will also remind us how good we are at the things we already do.

Confident like to stand up tall, like a soldier. He likes to use his stick and his hat to remind him to stand straight and he practices walking confidently every day.


Brave always comes to the rescue when we’re worried about something. When we feel nervous or worried about something, Brave will always help by giving us a boost of bravery to help us.

Brave carries a sword and shield because it makes him feel brave but he has learned that he doesn’t have to use them to fight, he can be brave with the words he uses or the useful actions he takes.


ConfusedWe can feel confused when we have too many questions or thoughts running around in our head. Confused is helpful as he tells us when there are too many questions or thoughts but he is most useful when Calm is around too, as Calm helps him to separate each of the questions or thoughts out so that we can think about them.

Confused is round and grey (a bit like a rubber ball) and he’s usually so confused that he’s banging into and falling off things.


Calm is an excellent feeling to have around when you want to think about things properly (although he is not a very good feeling to have when you want to dance around and be silly). Calm likes to take his time to think about questions and thoughts so that we get the right answers.

Calm is green with shaggy fur that’s great for stroking. In fact when you stroke calm it’s a bit like stroking a big green fluffy cat.


relaxedRelaxed is a brilliant feeling to have when you’ve had a really busy day and your body and mind wants to slow down.  Maybe you feel relaxed when you’re sitting watching a film or when you’re reading your bedtime story, just before you fall asleep.  Feeling relaxed helps our bodies and minds get ready for another day full of fun things to do.

Relaxed is purple and silky – he feels just like a piece of satin.  He’s shaped like a bean, which is great for rocking himself to sleep.  It’s not a very good shape for standing up though and sometimes he gets stuck on his back for hours.  Relaxed has a very special smell too.  Can you guess what it is?


LonelySometimes we can feel lonely if we don’t have friends to play with or talk to.  We can also feel lonely when our parents are busy and we want to do something with them.  Lonely can be an uncomfortable feeling, especially when you’re used to having lots of people around to do things with.  If you feel lonely, spend a few minutes thinking where you can do something to make you feel less lonely?  Maybe you could help your parents with what they’re doing or see if your friends are around for a play date.   If everyone is busy, it’s a great time for you to do something fun on your own or maybe spend time with your feelings basket friends – you could make up a story together.

Lonely is small, round and shiny.  He looks as though he’s going to be hard when you touch him, just like metal but actually he’s quite soft and lovely to hug.  When he’s in the basket, he can often be found in the corner, alone, hugging his knees wondering if any of the other feelings will come over and spend time with him.


AshamedSometimes we can feel ashamed if we think we have done something wrong, it’s a bit like feeling embarrassed.  Have you ever told a lie to someone and then felt bad for doing it?  That bad feeling you felt was ashamed.  Maybe you have taken a toy off your little brother or sister and hidden it?  The bad feeling you felt when they got upset and thought they’d lost it would have been ashamed.  Ashamed is a great feeling for letting us know when we have done something we don’t think was right.  When ashamed comes along, it’s usually a good time for us to fix whatever it is we may have done wrong.

Ashamed is a very fuzzy feeling with little hairs all over his body.  He’s pink all over with red patches on his cheeks that look just like a ball of fire.  Ashamed can often be seen hiding his eyes behind his hands.


LoveLove comes along when we really really like something.  How many things can you think of that you love?  Your mum and dad, brothers or sisters, pets, favourite toys, friends, sunshine.  Maybe you want to write a list of all the things you love?

Love is heart shaped, red and furry.  Love gives great hugs and likes to make sure everyone feels loved when he’s in the room.


rejectedYou might feel rejected if your friends don’t want to talk to you or if someone leaves you alone when you don’t want them to.  Rejected can be an uncomfortable feeling but it can help you think about how someone else might be feeling. Maybe there is something going on in their life that means they can’t spend time with you.  Perhaps you said or did something that hurt them and they are waiting for you to say sorry. Maybe they just want a little time on their own and they’ll come back and spend time with you later.

Rejected is brown and crumpled a little like an old sack.  Big stitches keep his arms and legs attached to his body (as they have fallen off a couple of times already).