Does your child bully?



Has your child started to bully other children?    Bullies are not born, they are created through circumstance.  This may be due to being bullied themselves, a change of circumstance at home or difficulties at school.  The good news is, 7 simple steps can help you work with your child to get to the bottom of their bullying and manage the effects before they get out of hand.

1.       Spend time with your child reviewing and experimenting with social situations. 

Review situations in life or on television.  Review how each situation came about and what it must be like to be each of the characters in the scenario.

2.       Review how your child really sees a situation. 

How much are they distorting the truth for their own gains?  Work with them on noticing the information they are expertly deleting in their favour.

3.       Help your child build self-esteem. 

Help them understand how they can feel good about themselves by doing something worthwhile.

4.       Implement accountability for everything they do and say. 

You will need to practice what you preach, be accountable for your own actions and be clear on the implications they have on others.

5.       Help your child realise the choices they have. 

We all have choices for all of our actions, even in difficult situations.  Help your child understand the implications for each action available.

6.       Help your child to set goals. 

Goals provide a focus of attention and help build a child’s self-esteem as they are completed.

7.       Work together on problem solving activities. 

Generate the understanding that putting effort into something generates a greater reward.  Working with you on playful activities will create the understanding that they can count on you to help them solve difficult problems.