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Helping children prepare for the arrival of a sibling

The Magic Basket was one of 7 books suggested to help children with the arrival of a sibling by Diary of a First Child, in their article “Books To Prepare Children For Childbirth, Homebirth Or Waterbirth”. Thank you for recommending us!  

Facing Disappointment

I’ve been reflecting on book 4 this week, as it’s in the final stages of development.  Amy faces disappointment when her mum isn’t around to follow through on a promise.  With that in mind, I’ve been listening out for some of the disappointments the children I’ve worked with this week have been dealing with.  We’ve […]

Dealing with Bereavement

My first major experience of death was when my lovely Granddad died, I was seven. He had been in hospital after stroke, so I’d had a little while to get used to him not being at home, in his favourite armchair. I never wanted to sit in “his chair” after he had passed, it was […]

The “Steaming Feeling”.

I’ve seen a variety of children this week with different life experiences, different ages and with very different parents. There have however been two things in common with all of them… it’s been the second week back at school and they’ve all displayed various levels of what I like to call the “Steaming Feeling”, the […]

5 tips to building confidence.

As your children start the new term, there could be a small lull in confidence as they learn new skills. Here are 5 things you could do this weekend to build confidence in your child. Why not give them a go? Spend time with your child at the end of each day to write down […]

Does your child bully?

Has your child started to bully other children?    Bullies are not born, they are created through circumstance.  This may be due to being bullied themselves, a change of circumstance at home or difficulties at school.  The good news is, 7 simple steps can help you work with your child to get to the bottom of […]