5 tips to building confidence.

As your children start the new term, there could be a small lull in confidence as they learn new skills.


Here are 5 things you could do this weekend to build confidence in your child. Why not give them a go?

  1. Spend time with your child at the end of each day to write down 3 things they can be proud of or that made them feel really happy.
  2. Take some time out to be young and carefree with your child.  Sometimes we get bogged down with the day to day chores and before we realise it the day has gone.  Run through the fields, roll around on the grass* or play on the swing with them (I love playing on the swing).  Even a small amount of childish interaction time will increase their confidence, it makes you feel young again too.
  3. Share your own insecurities with another adult instead of letting them out in front of your children.  It’s amazing how quickly kids model our insecurities.
  4. Actively listen to what your child is saying and build on it, ask questions and praise the things they’re telling you.  Bury the need to go one better, teaching is all well and good but sometimes they just want to share what they know.
  5. Promote “doing your best” with everything.  Remove the word “try” from your vocabulary as this gives the option to fail and may result in them making a half-hearted effort.

Have a great time together!!!

*NB – assuming the grass isn’t all soggy and horrible!